Total Guitar Lab is an online membership site where every single day, guitarists just like you, are becoming better rock and blues players.

Here's my simple promise to you:

"I will give you the knowledge, training and support you need 

to become the kind of guitar player you've always wanted to be"


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"I am so glad I joined TGL. I have had sooooo many online courses but TGL is the first one I actually use in a structured way every day to practice with.

And just to mention, the 'after-sales' follow-up service that James provides is second to none. I have tried loads of online teaching sites and this is the first one where you feel that the teacher is a real person who actually exists and responds to questions and comments. 

I will be letting my other teaching subscriptions lapse and just focus on TGL. Everything I need is here and delivered with great service. What more could I want?" 
Mark O, UK, TGL Member 

Want to know what's wrong with most online guitar tuition?

It doesn’t show you what you really need to know. 

Cos it’s ok to sit watching Joe Shredder whizzing up and down the fretboard with ease…making it all look so easy.

But where does this leave you.

Learning not very much and feeling, well, kind of crappy...that’s where.

How do I know this?

I’ve been there, that’s how. 

I’ve torn my hair out with badly written books, confusing jargon, videos that didn’t explain anything and lessons that were more about making the teacher look good than showing me anything I could actually use to become a better guitar player.

And the insane amount of stuff online now makes this more of a minefield than ever. 

Come on...I'll bet you've sometimes spent all your precious practice time searching YouTube for an answer instead of actually playing guitar?

Now, I've done a lot of teaching (nearly 20,000 hours of it!) and I know just how fast you can progress when you're shown the rightstuff, in the right order and without all the confusing and unimportant BS getting in the way.

Because when you focus on what matters the most...

The results you see make a big difference to your playing!

I want you to discover this fact for yourself...

That's why I created Total Guitar Lab

Inside Total Guitar Lab you'll discover what you need to transform your playing into something you can be proud of!

I'm talking about: 

Intensive courses designed to explode the crucial areas of your guitar playing and get you (and everyone else!) hearing a !

100% confusion and 'BS free' lessons showing you what you really need to know and how to easily use it to fast track your guitar skills and progress (without the confusion and road blocks that stops most players 'dead in their tracks')  

Proven and easy to use strategies, drills and practice routines to get you nailing the essentials of great guitar playing! Discover how to use these 'secrets' (which most lessons don't tell you about) for almost guaranteed rapid progress now and for the rest of your guitar playing career!  


Super clear, step-by-step learning so you never feel out of your depth, confused or lost! With my lessons you'll understand everything and have a 'rock solid' grasp of how to use it in your playing straight away (to get you sounding like a more awesome guitar player...)      

Plus unrivalled support inside the Total Guitar Lab Facebook Group and Live 'Face to Face' Training Sessions with me personally!      

Here's what guitarists just like you are saying about their Total Guitar Lab experience... 

 "I love TGL because it gives me all the tools I need to master something. I get the all the explanation, demonstration, chord sheets, backing tracks etc. I need. 

  And in the rare case where I still have questions I can post a message to the TGL group and either another member or James himself will help me out. (Yup, you heard that right!)  

I've honestly made more progress with TGL than anything else I've tried" 

Todd T, USA, TGL Member

 "Total Guitar Lab is brilliant.

There is just so much to explore...I've spent hours on the site and am loving it.

Total Guitar Lab is definitely a rare and beautiful thing!" 

Mark, UK, TGL Member



So...are you ready to step up and   

transform your guitar playing withTotal Guitar Lab   

If it's time to start becoming the guitar player that you really want to be then I invite you to sign up for Total Guitar Lab now by clicking the link below! 

Say goodbye to slow progress, 'head scratching' confusion and 'make do' free lessons... that leave you feeling like you just wasted your time. 

You'll find what you need to transform your playing and the support to make your guitar playing journey more fun and rewarding...right here inside Total Guitar Lab 

Join now and your monthly or annual joining fee will never go up!

That's'll be locked in at this great value price as long as you're a Total Guitar Lab member!

Click Here To Join Total Guitar Lab for $20/month

Click Here To Join Total Guitar Lab for $199 /year  (get 2 months free!)

I'm 100% confident that you'll love Total Guitar Lab and be blown away by the quality of the training inside.   

But hey, we all make mistakes!  

So if you sign up for an annual plan and then decide it's not for you then simply get in touch within 30 days of joining...for a full refund.  

If you sign up for a monthly plan and then decide Total Guitar Lab is not right for you then simply cancel and you won't be billed again next month (sorry, no refunds on monthly memberships).  

That way you get to try it out almost 100% risk free!  

So if you want to take your guitar playing to the next level join Total Guitar Lab now and get instant access to all the game changing training just waiting for you inside!

You can check out all the awesome courses currently inside Total Guitar Lab below.

Still got questions?  

Check out the FAQ's page   or email me at [email protected] and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to welcoming you backstage...

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