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"I am really enjoying every moment of Total Guitar Lab.

The lessons are fantastic and I'm making long strides with with my practice.

You're a great teacher and make learning guitar fun. Great was the day I first discovered your lessons!"

Lawrence J.B., TGL Member

"Hi James. I'm very happy...I couldn't be more satisfied with Total Guitar Lab!

The site is awesome...very user friendly, and I do believe it's going to take me to a new personal level.

Anyone who gives these tutorials a go are going to get amazing results!"

Greg, USA, TGL Member

"I have only good things to say about Total Guitar Lab.

The pace of the lessons is excellent: you play the lick/riff/technique, break it down so we can easily learn it then play it again. The explanations you give are about right too...not too long or wordy.

I often go over lessons again and find and find more information or something I have missed. There is just so much useful information in every lesson!

The Chopbuilder lessons are great! Just learned the picking exercise and it's really helping. Increasing the speed and only tripping up on the tricky triads!"

John M, UK, TGL Member

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with the Rock Guitar Lick Lab course in Total Guitar Lab.

I bought another course some months ago. It promised a lot...but it was crap, and left me with more questions than answers.

Your approach kicks ass!

I can improvise a solo now and remember, I never ever managed to play a solo like this before.

So I'm very excited for the future and can't wait to learn the rest of the course and start using it!"

Paul B, Netherlands, TGL Member

"Total Guitar Lab is brilliant. 

So much to explore...I've spent hours on the site and am loving it.

Total Guitar Lab is definitely a rare and beautiful thing"

Mark, UK, TGL Member

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