Powerful Improvisation Techniques & Strategies...Made Simple!

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Learn the exact same strategies and techniques used by the worlds greatest improvisers (made you can start using them too!)

In this special expanded edition of my popular 'Members Only' Improvisation Bootcamp series I 'blow the lid off' some of the biggest mysteries surrounding improvisation and what it takes to become a great improviser.

Because it doesn't need to be difficult...

Every episode of Improvisation Bootcamp shows you 100% actionable tips and strategies for exploring and nailing some of the most crucial elements that go into making up an awesome improvising style!

But without the distracting fluff and mind boggling 'secret language' which normally stands in your way...

PLUS this special 'expanded edition' of Improvisation Bootcamp comes complete with some special 'bonus' features including:

Downloadable TAB workbook for every lesson featuring full transcriptions of all musical examples (including my improvised solos and demonstrations!) plus powerful practice routines (for speedy progress!)

Professionally recorded downloadable backing tracks (as used in each episode) to jam and practice with

Downloadable audio for every lesson (listen and play along wi-fi needed!)

And brand new 'never seen before' Improvisation Bootcamp Episodes (in production now...coming soon!)

Inside Improvisation Bootcamp you'll discover:

  • What you need to know to 'take charge' of your solos and stop them sounding like a bunch of random licks or scales flung together! Discover how to create 'effortless flow' from phrase to phrase (like we hear in a great soloist!) and tell a story' with your solos (so they make sense to you and your listener!)
  • The 'hidden power' of repetition: how to use this simple device (overlooked by most players) to create stunning, memorable solos which sound 'crafted, slick and awesome (the kind of thing you hear on a recording!)

  • How to make your solos 'groove like a pro' (the secret behind any great guitar solo ever played (could this be the 'missing ingredient' stopping you sounding the way you want?)
  • Simple strategies you can use right now to 'bust out' of 'shape 1' pentatonic (everyones fave scale shape!) and start whizzing up and down the fretboard when you solo (for more interesting, ear catching and pro sounding leads and solos!)
  • Discover how you can use 'call and response' (possibly the most powerful soloing trick ever) to play 'conversational' solos which will snag and drag the listener in... and make them want to hear every single note in your solo!)

  • The 'forgotten scale' many guitar players don't know and can't use (leading to all sorts of embarrassing 'slip ups' on stage and at band practice!)

And many more tips and strategies for better improvising...


How is Improvisation Bootcamp delivered?

Improvisation Bootcamp uses a mixture of short video lessons, audio downloads, backing tracks and PDF downloads. Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple 'BS free' language (no confusing jargon!) and close up video shots.

Is there TAB available for the lessons?

Yes. Each module comes with a professionally transcribed and fully downloadable PDF workbook featuring all the examples in TAB and notation including my improvised solos.

The workbook also contains the 'homework' for each lesson! Using these short practice routines will help you learn and be able to use everything in the module much more easily.

Isn't this the same course I've seen on your website for free?

Yes! I originally made Improvisation Bootcamp as a free series for my email subscribers. There's a good chance you've seen some of these lessons before in fact.

But Improvisation Bootcamp was so popular that I decided to do an expanded version of it featuring all the lesson resources (TAB, backing tracks, practice routines etc) plus some extra lessons! These extras are not available on my website...only inside Total Guitar Lab.

PLUS remember by joining Improvisation Bootcamp you also get instant access to all the other awesome courses inside Total Guitar Lab !

Are You Ready To Level Up Your Status as an Improviser?

If you are ready to start taking the steps to becoming a better improviser then I invite you to join the expanded Improvisation Bootcamp program now and get started on your journey right away!

Wave goodbye to rambling, random solos and begin transforming yourself into the fluent, confident soloist you just know you want to be...

Improvisation Bootcamp gives you the essential tools, 'no nonsense' concepts and powerful 'action steps' you need to get there faster than most other guitar players (including me!)

 So jump in and let's get to work...

What's included in Improvisation Bootcamp?

11 Videos
9 PDFs
17 Audios

Course Curriculum