Build an Awesome Chord Vocabulary!

Build an Awesome Chord Vocabulary!

A two- part workshop show you the essential chords shapes you need and how to use them... so you can build a 'pro-level- chord vocabulary without it taking years!

You might have been trying to systematically build a chord vocabulary, but you keep coming up against this difficult question: 

'How do I know where to start and what to learn... when there are literally thousands of chords?'

This is the exact question put to me by my Total Guitar Lab members... and it's exactly why I presented this live 2 part mini course! 

Until now the replay of this workshop has only been available to Total Guitar Lab members, but not anymore... now it can be yours to keep and use to start building the chord vocabulary you always wanted to have.

In this 2 part video workshop, I strip away the unnecessary fluff that makes learning the chords you need seem so overwhelming. We focus only on the really powerful and important stuff ... 

You see, here's a little secret you probably aren't aware of: you don't need to know as much as you probably think you do to build a pro-level chord vocabulary (it's true)

In fact, after you've gone through this workshop you will be able to play most chords you will ever encounter in most playing situations (that's a promise...)

In this training you'll discover:

  • My powerful 'throwing away' exercise for learning chord shapes (the fastest and easiest way to learn and remember any new chord shape)
  • 4 simple principles for building your chord vocabulary (let's get you doing it right, right from the start!) 
  • 13 easy chords that the pros use for transforming bland, basic sounding chords into music that sounds amazing (Don't believe me? Listen to any country, acoustic rock or pop song and you'll probably hear these!)
  • The most common power chord shapes used constantly by rock and metal players (and how to easily layer them up for a huge sound on recordings or in a band!) 
  • The only 3 sets of barre chords you need. Learn these and play all major and minor chords, all over the fretboard with just a handful of shapes
  • The 12 most useful shapes for playing 4 note chords like major7ths, dominant7ths, minor7ths and minor7b5 chords (essential for jazzier or more 'poppy' sounds) 
  • Lush major and minor 'add9' chords. Learn to use these versatile chords to transform even the most boring chord sequence into something that sounds special
  • Plus, how to start applying all these chords to your music right now!

After going through part 1 of this training, Total Guitar Lab member Ian emailed me and said:

'I can't help but write and say a big THANKYOU for yesterdays incredible session! The way you delivered the session was way beyond anything I could have expected. I knew it would be great... but honestly, this one was simply fantastic and way more than I could have hoped for...'

If, like Ian, you want to build a pro-level chord vocabulary so you can hold your own in most musical settings, become a better rhythm guitarist and give your music that slick, more polished sound you hear on great recordings :

without it taking years...

without scratching your head, wondering what to learn and where to start...

without wasting time learning chords you may never use... 

without memorising hundreds of chord shapes but never understanding what to do with them...

without putting it off again because there seems like there is so much to learn...

without buying dozens of chord books, wall charts, DVD's etc which may or may not help...

...then choose the simpler and quicker way 

Sign up for Build an Awesome Chord Vocabulary and I'll take you step-by-step through the process of building most of the chord knowledge you'll ever need, without the confusion, questions and wasted practice time. 

Work alongside me at your own pace and discover the powerful principles, methods and practice exercises you need to be successful (and for less than the cost of a 30 minute guitar lesson!)

Sign up to Build an Awesome Chord Vocabulary now and easily learn most of the chords you will ever need to know. Yours to keep for just $29!

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My promise to you...

I know that this workshop kicks butt and many TGL members who have watched it have told me that they agree! I think this workshop is the easiest to use, most nonsense free way to learn most of the chords you'll ever need. I should know, I've spent hours learning hundreds and hundreds of chords (I used to be a jazz player...) and the chords in this workshop are definitely some of the most useful. But, if you go through the entire workshop, practice the exercises, use the drill videos and don't agree with me then just let me know within 60 days and I'll refund your $29. That way you've got nothing to lose by checking it out!

Join Build an Awesome Chord Vocabulary nowand start building your awesome chord vocabulary today !

Start Building Your Chord Vocabulary Now!

Here's What You Get With this 2 Part Chord Building Workshop...

22 Videos
2 PDFs

Everything is broken up into easy-to-use, 'bitesize' lessons you can go through at your own pace (see below for lesson titles)