CHOPBUILDER (Expanded Edition)

CHOPBUILDER (Expanded Edition)

Master the essential techniques all the great players are using!

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Play cleaner, faster and more expressive guitar by nailing the essential techniques used by the worlds greatest guitarists...

In this special expanded edition of my popular 'Members Only' Chopbuildervideo series I reveal provenstrategies to explode your playing technique and show you what it really takes to get great guitar chops!

Because developing great technique can be easier than you think...

Every episode ofChopbuilder shows you 100% actionable tips, exercises and strategies for mastering some of the most crucial guitar techniques you need for an awesome playing style.

But without all the unnecessary fluff, 'look at me' shredding and 'impossible to play' examples you see in most guitar technique courses (making great technique seem like an impossible dream!)

And as well as all the video lessons this special 'expanded edition' of Chopbuilder comes complete with some special 'bonus' features including:

Downloadable TAB workbook for every lesson featuring full transcriptions of all musical examples (including my improvised solos and demonstrations!)

Downloadable audio for every lesson (listen and play along wi-fi needed!)

And brand new 'never seen before' Chopbuilder Episodes (in production now...coming soon!)

InsideChopbuilderyou'll discover:

  • How to get killer vibrato (all the great players have this down!) for more expressive, explosive and powerful solos. Tips and 'secrets' for 'fat and toneful ' vibrato plus how to avoid the most common 'vibrato crushing' mistakes most players make
  • Secrets for noise free bending. How to easily get rid of annoyingrattles and ringing string noise that kills your bending and your licks...stone dead! Discover simple muting techniques used by the pros to guarantee clean, punchy and awesome sounding bends... every time!

  • A proven speed building technique used by players like John Petrucci, Steve Morse and Steve Vai to build lightning speed and fluency. Even if you don't want to be a 'shredding' fast player...this powerful practice technique will increase your accuracy and control like nothing you've seen before (get your metronome ready and prepare to be surprised!)
  • The 'No.1' problem that destroys a guitarists playing. Stamping this out transforms your soloing... instantly (sounds like BS but it's not!)
  • A daily '2 minute workout' to 10x your fretting hand speed, stamina and accuracy after just a few weeks! Discover the difference 'fitter' fingers and more flexible fretting hand can make to your playing

  • Plus alternate picking, legato and tapping 'power workouts' to get you nailing the essentials of these 'must know' techniques for high impact licks and solos when you take to the stage!

And more...including brand new lessons never seen before...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Chopbuilder delivered?

The course uses a mixture of short video lessons, audio downloads, backing tracks and PDF downloads. Everything is fully explained and demonstrated in simple 'BS free' language (no confusing jargon!) and close up video shots.

Is there TAB available for the lessons?

Yes. Nearly all the lessons come with a professionally transcribed and fully downloadable PDF workbook featuring all the examples in TAB and notation including my improvised solos.

Isn't this the same course I've seen on your website for free?

Yes! I originally made Chopbuilder as a free series for my email subscribers. You've probably seen some of the lessons before.

Chopbuilder was so popular that I decided to do an expanded version of it featuring downloadable TAB workbooks and audio lessons. These extras are not available on my website...only inside Total Guitar Lab.

When will the new Chopbuilder lessons be added?

These are in the planning stages right now and I'll be making them later this year. Look for their release early 2017!

REMEMBER by signing up to Chopbuilder Expanded Edition you also get instant access to all the other awesome courses inside Total Guitar Lab !

Ready To Supercharge Your Chops with Chopbuilder?

If you are ready to bust out of your 'technique rut' and level up your technique (for more awesome solos and riffs) then I invite you to join the expanded Chopbuilder program now and start your journey towards great guitar chops right away!

Stamp outnoisy bends, slow lazy fingers, clumsy picking and puny vibrato and begin transforming yourself into the fluent, accurate and confident guitar player you know you want to be...

Chopbuilder Expanded Edition gives you the essential tools, 'no nonsense' tips and powerful 'action steps' you need to get there way faster than most other guitar players (including me!) and without all the frustration, detours and bad habits that hold you up.

 So jump in and let's get started...

What's included?

33 Videos
10 PDFs
9 Audios

Course Curriculum