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Course Curriculum

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    • What is alternate picking? How can I boost my picking technique?

    • What is hybrid picking and how can I learn to use it?

    • How can I increase my playing speed?

    • How to play strong and clean bends?

    • How to play cool and fast legatos?

    • How can I start to use two-handed tapping in my solos?

    • Are there any universal guitar exercises which can improve my speed, accuracy and the finger strength?

    • How to play lead guitar without a pick? (Mark Knopfler style fingerpicking technique)

    • Any tips for fixing unwanted string noise?

    • Any finger stretching tips and exercises I can work on?

    • Any fretting hand position tips?

    • How to play and use harmonics on acoustic or electric guitar?

    • How can I improve my 'string rakes'?

    • Where can I learn some awesome-sounding rock licks that will also help me to learn and use different techniques?

    • My vibrato sounds weak and fades out quickly. How can I make it sound longer and louder?

    • How can I sync up my fretting and picking hand better?

    • How can I improve my rhythm?

    • Any tips for making my notes sustain and 'sing'?

    • Any tips on palm muting? How to do it the right way and which part of my hand should I use? What if I use a tremolo?

    • Any tips for better pull-offs?

    • Should I use alternative or economy picking?

    • I'm having trouble keeping my strumming solid. Any tips?

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    • What can I do to master the minor pentatonic scale?

    • How can I master the major pentatonic scale?

    • How can I break out of the standard 'shape 1' pentatonic scale when I solo?

    • What's the best way to learn new chords?

    • How can I easily learn a scale over the whole fretboard?

    • What are power chords?

    • What exactly is a 9th chord and how and when can I use it?

    • How can I start playing dark sounding metal chords in Drop D tuning?

    • Any tips on how to use chords to play cool sounding blues rhythms and riffs?

    • What are diminished chords and what do you do with them?

    • What's a locrian mode?

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    • Do I really need to understand music theory?

    • How to visualise and understand the fretboard?

    • Where can I learn about the Circle of Fifths and how to use it?

    • I don’t have any theoretical knowledge. Can you help me to get started with all the notes, scales and stuff?

    • What is a triad?

    • What is a chord and how are they built?

    • How can I easily learn all the notes on my fretboard?

    • What are tones and semi tones?

    • What is the major scale?

    • What is an interval?

    • What is a chromatic interval?

    • How to count different rhythmic groupings (quarter notes, 8th notes, triplets and 16th)?

    • How to figure out the key of a song and chords used in it?

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    • How can I manage my practice time to cover the things I want to... without it taking hours?

    • How can I keep my practice going during busy periods and avoid that 'deflated' feeling that comes from thinking like you aren't moving forward?

    • How can I bust out 'ruts' when I feel like I'm stuck and not really improving ?

    • There are so much things I can learn and sometimes it seems quite overwhelming. How can I stay motivated to learn the things I want to?

    • Can you suggest some general quick and useful practice tips and lifehacks?

    • How to overcome and master the hardest part of a solo which is stopping me from playing it all the way through?

    • Can you give an advice on how to get the most out of jamming over the backing tracks?

    • I have trouble learning solos, by the time I move on to the next lick I keep forgetting the ones I learned before. Any tips?

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    • I'm having problems with tension in my picking arm. Any tips I can try to fix it?

    • When will my fingers stop hurting from playing guitar?

    • Is it good to study several guitar styles at once?

    • What type and gauge of guitar strings should I use?

    • Can I use a capo with an electric guitar?

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    • How can I shift between shift 'rhythmic gears' in my solos so I can easily switch between 8th notes, triplets, 16th notes and other groupings?

    • How can I master tricky rhythms in a solo?

    • Any tips for playing more effective solos?

    • How can I make my improvisations less repetitive and more interesting?

    • I find descending licks harder than ascending. Any tips how I can make them easier?

    • How can I use chord shapes (triads) in my soloing?

    • How can I develop 'themes' in my solos to give them more structure and a more melodic sound?

    • How can I use the stuff I learn from other players to come up with better licks of my own?

    • How can I move a lick into a different key?

    • Sometimes I feel like my solos are just a bunch of random licks which are glued together! How can I break out of this and learn to create continuity in my solos?

    • Improvisation seems to be a quite complicated thing for me... How should I start learning to improvise?

    • My solos sound a bit dull... How can I give them more life?

    • I always seem to play in minor keys. How can I start playing solos in major keys?

    • Is there anything I can do to make my soloing sound more melodic?

    • How to develop the 'call and response' phrasing technique?

    • How can I learn to play what I hear in my head?

    • How do I know which scale I should use to jam over a chord progression?

    • How can I master switching between different scale patterns mid solo?

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    • How can I make up and play cool metal riffs?

    • I want some 'shredding' exercises covering large areas of the neck. Where can I find some?

    • How to make my rock soloing more interesting by using scales, triads and chord shapes?

    • How can I play dark sounding metal chords in Drop D tuning?

    • What are the essential scales used in rock?

    • Where can I learn some 'hot' and speedy rock licks?

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    • A lot of blues songs sound very similar to each other. Is there some chord pattern or maybe a scale commonly used in blues?

    • I want to learn how to play blues solos in the style of greatest blues players, how can I do so?

    • How can I extend the blues scale to reach some higher notes?

    • How can I learn to mix chords and licks together to play solo blues guitar?

    • What do I need to know to play blues in any key?

    • Are there any complete blues solos I can work on?

    • How can I play cool blues turnarounds, intros and endings?

    • Is there a workout I can use to develop great blues bends?

    • How can I use double-stops in my blues solos for high energy licks?

    • I know there's a sliding blues scale extension, but how do I get the most of it? Any cool tricks I should know about?

    • What's the difference between major and minor blues and how do I play minor blues rhythms and solos?

    • How can I add some speedy repeating licks into my blues solos for more energy and excitement?

    • How can I use major and minor pentatonics together in blues soloing?

    • How can I use open strings scales and runs in my blues solos?

    • How can I make my blues rhythm guitar sound more interesting? I feel like I'm always doing the same stuff!

    • What other chords/chord shapes can I use besides the usual dominant 7th in blues?

    • Can you suggest some quick blues licks which are not too hard to play?

    • How to setup my amp to get a good blues sound?

    • Where can I learn how to play slide guitar?