Frequently Asked Questions

I want to help you decide whether Total Guitar Lab is right for you! If you've got a question then check out the FAQs below. 

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If you still can't find the answer to your question then simply email me at and I'll be back in touch as soon as I can! 

What do I get as a Total Guitar Lab member?   

  • Your membership means you can access all the courses inside Total Guitar Lab - that means everything that's already in there all the awesome new courses I'll be rolling out in the future
  • You can check out the individual courses by clicking the thumbnails on the Total Guitar Lab home page.
  • You also get access to:
    • regular Live Training Sessions - where you get to ask me about anything that might be holding up your playing and share anything that's really working for you*
    • the Total Guitar Lab Facebook Group - which provides further help and support from myself and other talented members of our community
    • any new features and training added during your membership

*NOTE: In these live webinar sessions, if you choose, I will be able to hear you talk and play and can provide feedback based on this. There will be a recording of the entire session available to everyone after the event - even if you missed it.

How much does it cost to join?

There are 2 ways you can join Total Guitar Lab:

  • MONTHLY - at just $20 a month, this payment plan will take recurring payments of $20 automatically each once you're signed up you can focus on transforming your playing skills, without having to remember to update it each month!
  • YEARLY  - you can sign up for just $199 a year which gives you a bonus 2 months for free. Again this payment option will automatically renew each year

Check out the YEARLY plan here!

Will the cost go up?  

  • No! By joining now you're locked in at the same as long as you're a member of Total Guitar Lab you'll always pay the same rate!

How do I renew my membership each month or year?  

  • Your membership will automatically renew monthly or annually depending on which plan you are on. As long as your billing details are kept up to date, you can sign up and forget about it!

How do I cancel if I decide to leave?  

  • Most TGL members join and stay for a long time, but you can cancel at any time.  Simply let us know by emailing us at and we'll take care of it for you. Please allow a week before your next billing period to avoid being accidentally billed again!

Will the courses in Total Guitar Lab always be the same?  

  • The courses inside Total Guitar Lab will always be there so you can work through them totally at your own pace
  • However new courses will also be added in the future, so your investment in membership to the site will become better value for money as time goes on

Will there be new courses coming in future?  

  • Absolutely. Total Guitar Lab will be regularly updated with new lessons and modules for existing totally brand new courses as well

What about the live training - how does this work?  

  • Live training is an important part of the Total Guitar Lab experience! Live sessions take place twice a month, so if you need a hand you never need to wait very long for an answer!
  • All members receive an email to let them know when a new live session has been scheduled
  • You'll simply click a link within an email to access the session - no login details will be required

Can I download the video lessons and courses?  

  • Most of the course materials can be downloaded so they're yours to keep!
  • This includes all the tab workbooks, audio lessons, backing tracks, worksheets and 'drill' videos
  • However the main 'lesson' videos in the modules are not downloadable

OK...I've heard all this before and then been disappointed! How do I know this won't happen with Total Guitar Lab?   

  • I know what you mean...I've been burned by this too - I've been disappointed and frustrated with hundreds of books, courses and DVDs I purchased only to find they were just 'more of the same' and contained very little of value which actually made a real difference to my guitar playing
  • They show you a load of information...then leave you alone to figure out how the hell to use it - I recently gave around 50 such guitar books and DVDs to a charity shop because they weren't any real help to me or most of my guitar students
  • You see, after playing guitar for over 25 years, practicing for thousands of hours and teaching hundreds of different guitar players...I've discovered that information (licks, scales, chord shapes, solos etc) isn't much use, unless you are also shown how to use them
  • This is what I've tried really hard to embed into all the Total Guitar Lab training
  • As well as super clear demonstrations and explanations, most of the courses incorporate powerful practice routines, exercises and concepts designed to get the information off the page, under your fingers and into your playing. So you're left not with just information...but hearing and feeling a noticeable improvement in your guitar playing

But what if Total Guitar Lab isn't right for me? I'm worried about risking my hard earned cash!  

  • I only want 'happy campers' inside Total Guitar Lab players for who it's a good fit
  • So whilst I'm 100% confident about the quality of Total Guitar Lab and the impact it will have on guitarists worldwide...I know that nothing is right for everyone
  • That's why there is a 30 day money back guarantee with all membership plans. You get a whole 30 days to check it out, go through the courses, assess the level of training....and decide whether or not it's right for you
  • If during this 30 day period you decide it's not a good fit...send me an email at and I'll arrange a full refund

What if I get stuck with something? Can I get help?   

  • I will be providing support in the live training and Q&A sessions and inside the Facebook group.
  • I'll also provide some level of support via email. I'm happy to help whenever I can but please note the email service is not guaranteed and I can't promise personal one-on-one support to everyone inside Total Guitar Lab, especially as the number of members grows. But I will always try to help you as much as I can, and most of the time you can expect to hear back from me
  • When you join Total Guitar Lab you'll find details about contacting me inside the 'Welcome...Take the Tour' course

How do I sign up to Total Guitar Lab?       

  • Getting started is very simple!
  • You can sign up on the monthly plan page or the yearly plan page
  • Or use the links below to go straight to the checkout and sign up!

I'd like to sign up for a monthly plan at $20/month!   

I'd like to sign up for a yearly plan at $199/year!   

I look forward to seeing you inside Total Guitar Lab soon and helping you to transform your guitar playing into something you can be truly proud of!



Question not answered here?  

Send me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!