Cook yourself up an awesome rock guitar style!

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New for Autumn 2019...

Discover New Techniques and Creative Tricks to Give You an  Awesome, 'Mind-Bending' Rock Guitar Style!

If you're looking to take your rock guitar soloing way beyond the realms of tried and tested blues/rock and metal licks and discover a whole new world of melodic and creative possibilities...

Then you're in the right place, because Rock Guitar Cookbook will give you everything you need to it.

Throughout this course I'll be taking you through unchartered territory as we examine fresh new soloing tools and concepts and how you can use them to generate ear-catching, head-turning licks to use in your solos for a guitar style which will truly stand out from the crowd.

Each module follows a similar structure:

  1. I'll start by explaining and demonstrating the basic concept we'll be exploring
  2. Then I'll equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to use it
  3. Next we'll look at a range of awesome sounding practical examples, licks and solos  which use it 
  4. Then it's your turn! I'll give you practice tasks and things to explore. Before long you'll be coming up with dozens of your very own rock soloing ideas which you never thought to play before

Coming up in our  Rock Guitar Cookbook journey we'll be looking at:

Extended 'Stretch' Blues Scales: a hotbed of mind-blowing, high energy rock licks you can use to kick your rock solos up a gear. These are not your standard blues scale rock ideas (people will ask "What was that thing you played?!')

String Skipping Techniques and Tricks: for 'wide interval', attention grabbing licks and ideas. You'll be amazed at the difference leaving out a few strings can make to those tried and tested scale patterns you use!

'Twisted Chromatic Weirdness': discover how to use those 'in-between' notes to create hundreds of new soloing ideas easily. Jazz and fusion players have been doing this for decades... learn how you can start slipping some chromaticism into your rock solos almost straight away!

3 Note Per String Pentatonics: reinvent the pentatonic scale by busting out of those 5 box patterns and working the scale across more of the fretboard. A favourite of players like Eric Johnson, Shawn Lane and others

Shape-Shifting Masterclass: discover how to begin connecting scale shape fragments along the neck to open up a whole new world of soloing possibilities. Molten legato licks, 'slippery' blues phrases, and messed-up string skipping madness await you...

The 'Forgotten Octave': examine how the humble octave shape can be used to create stand-out ideas in your solos - both as a 'double stop' shape and a tool for wide interval melodic soloing

Plus using modes, using arpeggios, scale sequencing, diminished scales, 'playing outside' and much more to come...

So if you're ready, grab your guitar and prepare to get creative as we start cooking up your very own awesome guitar style with Rock Guitar Cookbook!

New Modules Added Regularly! So Far the Course Consists of...

18 Videos
1 Audio
1 Download