'Solo Blues Jamming' Workshop

Learn Step- By- Step How to Create Your Own Solo Blues Jams!

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Ever Tried Combining Chords and Lead Together to Create Your Own Solo Blues Jams...But Found it Almost Impossible?

 Then let this 3 part  workshop show you step by step exactly how to do it...without tying yourself up in knots!

Using the straightforward system laid out in this training  you can soon be creating your own solo blues jams...and without the frustration of tripping up, losing the groove or forgetting what chord you're on.

You see, learning to play this fun guitar style needn't be difficult: you just need a few simple skills..

And this 3 Part mini course shows you exactly what to do to get 'em!

Here's How We Do It...

Part 1: start by learning to jam on  a one chord riff playing licks and fills between the chords...

Part 2: move on to  jamming chords and licks together over the 12 bar blues…

Part 3: discover how to add intro licks, turnarounds and blues endings to create a final, polished performance!

 You'll discover the essential skills you need to play convincing solo blues and how to overcome the hurdles that can hold you up including:

  • How to juggle playing chords and licks at the same time…
  • How to keep the groove rock solid even as you switch between chords and lead
  • How to use  hybrid picking for cool intros and turnarounds
  • ... and lots more!

As well as easy to follow video lessons and downloadable TAB worksheets you also get the following powerful practice tools:

  • 'Drill Videos': play along with me as  a guide as you learn the core skills of solo jamming (this is the fastest and easiest way to get it together fast)
  • Downloadable Drum Loops: practice with these to nail that bluesy groove that's so important (various tempos covered)
  • Downloadable Guitar Pro TAB Files: use to loop and slow down riffs and exercises using a range of free tab playing apps and software (amazing practice tool!)

So jump in now and start enjoying hours of blues jam sessions without even leaving the comfort of your couch or porch...

Because with what I show you in the course... you really can do it.

I’m looking forward to helping you explore this super fun guitar style, so grab your guitar and I’ll see you on the inside!

What You Get With This Workshop:

9 Videos
3 PDFs
3 Audios