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I want to take years off your learning curve and give you everything you need to 'rip it up' every time you step up to solo...

That's why I created Rock Guitar Lick Lab

Learn the exact same tools and techniques used by your favourite rock guitar legends

and how to use them to start playing guitar solos that turn heads and sound awesome!

"Rock Guitar Lick Lab is by far the best course I've ever taken on rock lead and improvisation"

Gary Van Rensburg, NZ, Rock Guitar Lick Lab Member and gigging musician

"I bought another course some months ago. It promised a lot...but left me with more questions than answers. James' approach kicks ass! In a short time and with just a few licks
from Rock Guitar Lick Lab I can now improvise a solo!"

Paul Bosma, Rock Guitar Lick Lab Member, Netherlands

Playing smoking rock guitar is now something any guitar player can learn to do using the tools, techniques, and strategies I reveal inRock Guitar Lick Lab

I'm all about showing guitar players how to cut out all the distracting fluff and get straight to the 'core' things they need for playing great sounding solos.

Without all the unnecessary detours and wasted time learning things they don't need to know..

Without spending a fortune on guitar products which show them almost nothing...

Without the confusing BS and bad explanations in so many online lessons...

Without it taking years before they can play solos that kick butt!

So I took everything I've learned from teaching over 20000 guitar lessons and stripped it down to the stuff that's really powerful...the stuff that really works.

The result is 'Rock Guitar Lick Lab'.

Here's what 'Rock Guitar Lick Lab' does for YOU...

It gives you a 'toolbox' of awesome sounding rock licks and shows you how to use them to create explosive rock solos which will make an impact!

Most guitar players (like me!) take years to discover what Rock Guitar Lick Lab shows you (in a fraction of the time)

In Rock Guitar Lick Lab you'll learn....

  • Essential rock guitar 'building blocks' for creating killer rock solos! These have been carefully picked from hundreds of legendary rock solos and squeezed into just 26 powerful licks for speedier learning (and much better solos, much sooner)
  • How to develop a 'never-ending lick bag' of powerful soloing ideas so that you never run out of things to play in your solos (and all without spending hours learning thousands of new licks)
  • Game-changing practice hacks to get you automatically playing these licks in your solos (most courses avoid this because it's hard to teach... Rock Guitar Lick Lab makes it simple)
  • How to easily move everything around the guitar neck so you can play a great solo over almost any rock song (without needing to learn hundreds of new scale patterns or have a degree in music theory!)
  • 'Must Know' secrets and tips for nailing essential techniques (bending, legato, pinch harmonics, alternate picking etc) for razor-sharp technique, faster and cleaner playing and punchy, more exciting leads
  • And much more...


AND...Join Now and Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses (worth  $79!)

Bonus 1: My Rock Jam Session Backing Track Course (normally $20)

Over 45 minutes of top quality backing tracks in the styles of the rock and metal legends like ACDC, Black Sabbath, Guns'n'Roses and others! These are not 'synthesized', software generated backing tracks - they were recorded using live instruments and sound just like a real band!

  • Fully downloadable for practice 'on the go'
  • Same keys as the licks in Rock Guitar Lick Lab for easy practice and compatibility
  • 4 different speeds in each key (use the one that suits you)
  • Downloadable Course Handbook full of powerful soloing tips and essential scales (in all positions of the neck!)
  • Live, 'real band' feel (not synthesized!)

NEW! Bonus 2: The Expanded Edition of my Chopbuilder rock technique series (worth $59)

If there's one thing you need to play great rock's a decent playing technique.

And Chopbuilder will help equip you with exactly that.

  • Discover the secrets of fast alternate picking, legato, vibrato, tapping, muting and other essential rock techniques
  • Learn how to boost your finger independence and playing speed using exercises and methods that actually work!
  • Extensive new Chopbuilder picking and legato workouts (previously only available to Total Guitar Lab members)
  • Includes all the lessons in my popular Chopbuilder series with fully downloadable TAB workbook and Guitar Pro files for each lesson (for slowing down, speeding up and looping exercises as you practice)


"I recently purchased Rock Guitar Lick Lab and it's one of the best courses I have ever bought! James has an excellent teaching style and breaks the course up into easy to digest chunks. All the licks can be easily incorporated into your playing and used to spark lots of great ideas to build into your soloing vocabulary"

Ray Gallagher, US, Rock Guitar Lick Lab Member

"Rock Guitar Lick Lab has helped me get so much more out of my guitar playing. Since starting the course I've noticed a real improvement in a relatively short time. James' teaching is clear, warm and enthusiastic and playing these exciting rock licks (with all the technical tips James throws in) has been the perfect way for me to expand my playing"

John Martin, UK, Rock Guitar Lick Lab Member
(with Hector the dog)

Here's What People Often Want To Know  About Rock Guitar Lick Lab ...

"How long can I access Rock Guitar Lick Lab for?"

Forever. Once you've signed up the course is yours to revisit and watch as many times as you like. Everything (videos, TAB, backing tracks, audio tracks) is also downloadable so you can store it on a device and watch it anywhere or anytime (even when you don't have an internet connection). This is one of the huge benefits of a course like Rock Guitar Lick Lab - you can work at your own pace and go over something as many times as you need to until it makes total sense.

"How long does the course take from start to finish?"

You should go at your own pace so it's hard to give a precise answer to this question! Most guitar players who are the right level for Rock Guitar Lick Lab should be able to work through and learn all the licks in a few months. As for putting them all together into an amazing guitar style...this will probably take longer!

 All guitarists I've taught these lessons to saw significant improvements in their playing within a couple of months, even if they're only able to do a small amount of practice each week.

"I've wasted money on courses before! How is Rock Guitar Lick Lab different from other courses out there?"

I've got hundreds of lick books and DVDs sitting on my bookshelf. Useless, most of them!

All they do is show you how to play a bunch of random licks... and then they stop! What they don't tell you is when or how to use what they show you.

Rock Guitar Lick Lab is different - I don't just give you a bunch of licks to learn (and then forget).

I devote a whole module to showing you powerful, proven ways to take what's in the course and put it all together into a great sounding rock guitar style you can be proud of.

"How do I know if Rock Guitar Lick Lab is right for me?"

Rock Guitar Lick Lab is right for you if you have a burning desire to play great rock solos.

It is not really designed for total beginners (although it will get you started the right way if you are at this stage). Nor does it contain super difficult, 'shredding' licks which only mega advanced level players will be able to play. So if you're somewhere in between that and ready to be stretched and challenged... then I think you'll love it.

Now,I don't want YOU taking any chances.

So here's the risk I'm prepared to take...

I only want 'happy campers' in Rock Guitar Lick Lab.

I only want guitarists who the course is right for...and nothing is right for everyone.

But I also think we need to commit, and I don't want you to sign up unless you're sure you're going to give yourself a chance to succeed with this course.

Because if you do what Rock Guitar Lick Lab shows you, I know you can't fail to see big changes in your playing. I've seen it work so many times on other guitar players that I know it will work for you too!

But I promise you this:

 If you go through the entire course and you are not thrilled by the transformation in your guitar playing...

If you don't think that you sound 10x more awesome than you did before...

Then let me know. I'll give you a full refund of your money and the Rock Jam Session bonus course is still yours to keep.

How's that for a guarantee?


If you're ready to commit to Rock Guitar Lick Lab and see massive results in your guitar playing (like the RGLL members above)...then I'd like to invite you to join up now by clicking one of the links in this page.

Looking forward to meeting you backstage!


P.S. I want to help you make the right decision here. So if you're unsure about whether Rock Guitar Lick Lab is right for you or have any questions at all about anything in the course or the support I provide during it then email me at and I will be only too happy to assist you in making the decision that is right for you.

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